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Measure Twice and Cut Once with New Construction Phase Inspections

New Construction Phase Inspections - KC Inspections

When you think of a brand new home, you probably imagine a flawless space ready for move-in. After all, no one has lived there and everything is brand new.

However, even new constructions can have hidden issues. Construction errors, rushed jobs or overlooked details can lead to significant problems down the road. A new construction inspection can catch these issues early can save you time, money and provide an immense amount of peace of mind.

Newly constructed homes should have three different phase inspections which align with the construction phase of a new home. During phase inspections, KC Inspections ensures the home’s interior and usually hidden systems are in top shape as they are being built. Their certified professionals conduct inspections before the slab is poured (Phase 1), before the drywall is hung (Phase 2), and a final home inspection (Phase 3).


But why are phase inspections crucial? Let’s take a closer look.


Phase 1 Inspection

Phase 1 inspection happens before the slab is poured for the foundation. The inspection ensures that the groundwork, like the placement of the post-tension cables and rebar, is set up correctly. This inspection phase is crucial since the home’s foundation is its backbone. Issues with the groundwork, could ultimately lead to foundation cracks, uneven flooring or doors that don’t close properly.


During Phase 1, our inspectors check for cracks or unevenness in the foundation as well as examine the property for property grading.


Also in Phase 1, KC Inspections may check for plumbing drains and supply lines. Sometimes supply lines are installed in the attic, so this may not apply to the first phase.



Phase 2 Inspection

Phase 2, also referred to as the pre-drywall inspection, is conducted after framing is complete but before the drywall is hung. This phase allows for a thorough inspection of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems without obstructions.

Faulty wiring is an incredible safety and fire hazard. A Phase 2 inspection ensures outlets are grounded and the electrical panel is sound. Our inspectors test outlets and switches, ensure the electrical panel is labeled correctly, and check for any exposed wires.

Ensuring the HVAC ductwork is properly installed is critical prior to the entire system being hidden behind drywall and insulation. KC Inspections examines vents and ducts for proper air flow.


This phase also includes checking to ensure the framing is straight (to avoid bowing or sagging walls once the drywall is hung) as well as an initial inspection of the roof and attic.



Phase 3 Inspection

The final home inspection, Phase 3, is a comprehensive inspection conducted once the home is fully constructed and before final closing.


During this inspection, our inspectors ensure roofs are properly installed without missing shingles or areas that may result in leaking. Gutters and downspouts are checked for proper installation.


KC Inspections also ensures proper attic ventilation and insulation which are vital for energy efficiency and preventing moisture problems. The same inspection is conducted for crawl spaces.


Of course, we also inspect siding, brick or other exterior materials for damage or improper installation. KC Inspections ensures windows and doors open and close smoothly as well as check for proper flashing.


Most importantly, our certified experts inspect safety features. KC Inspections tests smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We ensure stair railing are secure. We also check for the presence of safety shut-offs for gas and water.


By spotting issues early on through inspections at different construction stages, potential problems can be identified and rectified before they become more significant and more expensive issues. Phase inspections also ensure that every stage of the construction process meets quality standards. Most importantly, for homebuyers, knowing that their new home has been inspected at multiple stages provides added assurance that they have made a sound investment.


To learn more New Construction Phase Inspections or to schedule an appointment today, please feel free to contact KC Inspections by calling 904.404.9092 or via email at   


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