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Don’t get Spooked by Hidden Damage

The scariest home damage – and, of course, the easiest to ignore – is the damage you can’t see.

But hidden damage can lead to huge problems if left untreated. Moisture in ceilings and walls, leaky plumbing, rot behind EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) and stucco, wood-destroying insects, electrical issues, roof leaks, structural defects and energy inefficiencies are just some of the issues that may be lurking behind the scenes.

The good news, there’s a way to help identify potential problem areas and address them before the damage worsens using thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is a method of using infrared radiation and thermal energy to gather information about objects in order to formulate images of them. Even in low visibility environments, thermal imaging works in the absence of any light. Which is why KC Inspections uses thermal imaging to effectively discover potential problems in your home.

Here are just some of the issues for which KC Inspections uses thermal imaging:

Moisture Detection in Walls and Ceilings

Thermal imaging can help identify thermal anomalies which could indicate water damage in walls, floors and ceilings. The technology does so by detecting the difference in temperature between a wet area and the surrounding dry areas – discovering moisture issues that would not be visible during a basic home inspection.

Leaky Plumbing

Water leaks from plumbing systems often go unnoticed until major damage has occurred. KC Inspections uses thermal imaging to scan in, under, and around plumbing figures to determine whether there are any active leaks. Since thermal imaging is not a moisture meter – the technology instead discovers temperature anomalies which then leads to further investigation of the source and cause of the leak.

Rot behind EIFS and Stucco

Thermal imaging enables our inspectors to perform EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) and stucco moisture intrusion inspections. Again, thermal imaging is able to discover anomalies along the stucco or EIFS wall which could indicate extensive moisture damage. Using the technology, our inspectors are able to better locate trouble areas and determine the extent of the area that requires repair.

Wood-Destroying Insects

Wood-destroying insects, such as termites, generate heat during an active infestation. Therefore, KC Inspections can use thermal imaging to identify critters that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Electrical Issues

KC Inspections uses thermal imaging to discover hot spots caused by defects in electrical connections and components. The technology finds areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so that problems can be corrected before a component fails leading to safety hazards and worse-case scenario, starting a fire. Because increased temperatures is a sign of failure, infrared technology is one of the best diagnostic tools available for finding hot connections in the early stages.

Roof Leaks

Before having a new roof installed, KC Inspections could save you a bundle by using thermal imaging to assist in pinpointing the precise location of a roof leak. It may be the case that a new roof can be postponed and a repair can be done instead.

Energy Loss

Thermal imaging is an effective tool to determine your home’s energy inefficiencies. Our inspectors use this technology to help homeowners save money on their ever-rising power bill by assessing AC/heat loss and cold/hot air influx and identifying areas with inadequate insulation.

This Halloween, don’t get spooked by hidden ghouls and ghosts hiding in your home. Contact KC Inspections today at for your thermal imaging inspection.


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