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KC Inspections Knocks out the Honey-Do List

As published in Loving Our Town magazine.

Kyle Califf with KC Inspections Florida provides all types of home, property, insurance and real estate inspections.

Crawling into the attic, climbing on the roof, testing appliances and checking the seals on windows are not most property owners’ idea of a good time. Let’s be honest. These are the honey-do items that either get pushed to the bottom of the list in perpetuity – or eliminated altogether.

Fortunately for the honey-doers, it’s these tasks that excite Kyle Califf the most.

Growing up around personal remodels, boat dock and home builds, Kyle has been around construction and maintenance work his whole life. From an early age, the art of construction and engineering was ingrained in him and ultimately became his passion.

In 2019, armed with a business degree from Flagler College, experience as a claims adjuster and a hefty dose of entrepreneurial spirit, he established his St. Augustine-based company, KC Inspections.

Today, he provides clients not only with inspections and detailed reports, but shares his passion by truly educating property owners. “While seeing all the crazy damages or ‘cleverly’ installed systems keeps me intrigued, my favorite part about this line of work is the people”, explained Kyle.

He and his team enjoy taking the time to explain key points in a way they understand. After all, a property purchase is most peoples’ largest investment they make in their lifetime. Who wouldn’t want a thorough understanding? This approach comes back to KC Inspections in spades with repeat customers and rave reviews.

Insurance inspections and full property inspections for real estate transactions are the most common types of inspections the company conducts. But a general maintenance inspection is probably the most valuable – and overlooked. (That’s the one referenced above that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list!) KC Inspections recommends a quick annual checkup for all property owners. Then, the team suggests an in-depth inspection every three to five years.

When KC Inspections isn’t onsite, the team is constantly working to remain up-to-date with codes and certifications. Their inspectors must research permits, know current building code requirements and hold a deep understanding of an array of systems such as electrical, plumbing, roof, HVAC and pools. Not to mention they must be knowledgeable about insect/termite, mold, sewer scope inspections and requirements.

What many property owners may not realize, is that inspections are completely non-invasive. Inspectors do not open up walls or pull up floorboards. They are checking for those items that affect the integrity and the core engineering of the property – and ensuring all major systems are a “go”. After completing an inspection, KC Inspections provides property owners with a thorough report and then reviews the report with the client.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your investment AND finally knocking out your honey-do list, visit KC Inspections online at to learn more, get an instant quote or schedule an appointment.


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