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Help Maintain your Home with Regular Check-Ups

By conducting property maintenance checks, homeowners can help keep their house in good order and possibly get ahead of identifying areas that could become problematic (and costly) down the road.

While our suggested checklist doesn’t replace the need for a professional home inspection, it does help provide a baseline and could increase your awareness of potential problems. If you do come across an unknown or potential problem in this process, feel free to call one of our certified inspectors.

Here’s a checklist of items we recommend regularly reviewing to help maintain your home:

Outside Inspection

  1. Check the roof for loose or missing shingles.

  2. Look at gutters and downspouts for damage and clear leaves and debris that may create obstructions.

  3. Examine the exterior for damaged siding, signs of moisture and flaking paint.

  4. Check exterior woodwork such as wood decks, screen doors, fences, railings, trellises and pergolas for moisture and insects.

  5. Examine driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios (and any paved or paver surfaces) for cracks.

  6. Review outdoor plumbing and equipment, taking a look at any systems you’ve installed around your house including sprinklers/irrigation system, AC unit, pool equipment and outdoor faucets.

Yard Clean-Up

  1. Ensure moisture is kept away from the exterior of your house.

  2. Take note of trees and branches that could damage your home during weather events.

Check Systems and Appliances

  1. Test smoke alarms and detectors, as well as fire extinguishers, to ensure they’re in good working order and not expired.

  2. Check air handler, vents and filters regularly to keep clear of debris and ensure proper function.

  3. Look for leaky and cracked faucets which could be boosting your monthly utility bill without you noticing.

Pest Management

  1. Make sure building envelope is properly sealed to keep pests, animals and moisture from intruding.

  2. Keep an eye out for winged pests, specifically termites, beetles, bees, ants and other animals that could damage your home.

  3. Get rid of standing water to eliminate the breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Again, this checklist is not intended to replace a certified inspection but simply to help keep you abreast of your home’s condition. We recommend doing this home maintenance check about every six months and having a professional, certified inspection each year.

However, if during your check, you identify items that you believe may be problematic (or have an element of the unknown), call a certified inspector immediately who has the tools and trained eye to detect potential issues you may have missed.

To schedule an appointment for an inspection now, please visit us online.


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