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Don't be Duped during Home Inspections

While we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, there are sellers who will use sneaky methods to pass home inspections. If you suspect any devious tricks, you should let your home inspector know immediately. Here are just some of the more common ploys we’ve seen from sellers:

  1. Disguising problems with fresh paint, strategically placed décor, new carpet, new construction (e.g. new drywall) or even removing interior features (such as water-damaged baseboards)

  2. Refusing certain tests (mold and radon) so the seller remains legally unaware of (and is not liable for) potential problems

  3. Downplaying your (the buyer’s) concerns or evading your questions related to past repairs and maintenance

  4. Restricting access to areas like attics, crawlspaces, circuit breakers

Feel free to give KC Inspections a call at 904.404.9092 to help you navigate these situations or have any reason to be suspicious of the seller's home inspection process.


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